Our Intention

Hi Plant Babes,

This is Angela, the woman behind Plant Your Intention. I founded this business from a place of healing. Caring for my plants helped get me out of a deep depression and now, I hope to share the joy and lessons they have brought me. 

Watching a plant grow due to my efforts showed me that change was possible. Dealing with imperfect leaves or lop-sided plants showed me that these flaws were actually really beautiful. And often times, the state of my plants were a direct reflection of the state of my mind. The more I tended to my plants, the more I tended to myself as well. I started to love myself like I loved my plants. 

Whether you're also on a healing journey or just want to add some plants to brighten your space, I am so grateful you've chosen us to help. I'll always try to get the healthiest plants, act as a supportive plant friend, and be as gentle on our planet while doing it. 

Thank you for supporting me through my healing journey and I hope I can help you with yours. 



San Diego Houseplant Small Business Owner